Our Investment Approach


Station12’s unique approach is to combine Sports, Entertainment and Knowledge and networks with venture capital expertise, operational experience and the understanding of technology to invest in, acquire or build companies in our sectors. Our approach is opportunistic and driven by the market opportunity we identify, which we then look to implement, either through a third party business (venture capital) or by building our own new business alongside management we select (venture building). We may also look to acquire existing companies through buy-out.  


Details of the Station 12 Sports, Entertainment and Knowledge SEIS/EIS Fund can be accessed via the Investors tab.

Venture Capital

Station12 backs well led, intelligent companies who are clearly focused on delivering products or services that customers will pay for. Our approach is to find companies that we can partner to deliver profit and that may be attractive acquisitions for larger companies because they are profitable and sustainable. We make a limited number of select investments, we are not a volume investor.

Venture Building

Station12 uses its market intelligence to identify opportunities where we can use our operating and venture building know how to create new businesses to take advantage of the opportunity, develop the business model, establish its strategy and bring in external talent to manage the company.  We work as a founder of these businesses, with the ambition to grow these businesses into long term, profitable companies.