A selection of some of our Portfolio Companies

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Neapolitan Live Events

Neapolitan is a live events company which will promote concerts around the UK and Europe in Palace settings.  The company has just been awarded the exclusive rights to Summer concerts in the Great Court at Blenheim Palace (UK) from June 2015.  The company intends to capitalise on a growing market, through expanding its offering to include other unique live events.

Parade Media Group


Parade is a leading media and entertainment company that specialises in the development, production, co-production, financing and marketing of premium lifestyle and factual entertainment to a global audience.

Driven by a passion for great TV & Film, and led by its talent, producers, writers and editors, and their ability to tell stories in bold, new ways. Parade’s catalogue of hit series and originals includes more than 1,200 hours of premium Lifestyle and Factual programming and can be seen on screens in more than 150 markets internationally.


Parade's sales, operations and marketing team are located in offices based in London, Miami and Singapore.


The Miles Agency

The Miles Agency is a music & brands specialist agency, which combines experience from three distinct sectors – music, media broadcasting and brand-marketing – to deliver music solutions and associations for brands, agencies and rights owners. This includes exhaustive access to talent & IPs, creative planning, rights negotiations and campaign implementation.  The company works with artists such as Kate Bush, Jessie J and Richie Sambora.

InSport Education


InSport Education originated out of Station 12's Venture Building activities and has identified an opportunity to build a business school offering professional education to emerging international executive talent and graduates who want to pursue a career in the business of sport.


InSport Education is partnering with leading premier league clubs to establish a business school in the UK, recruiting students worldwide with its initial focus on the football market. It aims to replicate this model into other sports.



why buy logo.png

UK households spend £12bn per annum on household items which are often infrequently used, stored incorrectly and not maintained.

WhyBuy is developing an app that will allow users to order infrequently used household items to be rented by consumers for short periods to address issues of cost, quality, convenience and storage issues.

WhyBuy is building on the non ownership economy that has grown excessively in recent years through brands such as Uber and Airbnb.

WhyBuy opens up the possibility to users to access items that they want to use but loathe owning.